Logging In

The CMT is located on the Service Internal Intranet (SII) at the following address: https://intranet.fws.gov/cmt/cmthome.cfm. If you direct your browser to this address, you will see the CMT System Home Page.

All user access levels require an Active Directory User Name and Password to access the CMT System on the SII. As a Service employee, you already have an Active Directory User Name (your current FWS Internet email address (e.g., first name_last name@fws.gov), but you may need to create a password before you can access the CMT System. Instructions for verifying, changing, or creating an Active Directory Password are provided below.

After logging in, you will see the CMT System Main Menu. The choices available on this screen will vary depending on your access level. All users can view and download the contents of the CMT, but special permission is required to create, delete, or modify information on Service organizations.

Three login attempts is the maximum number allowed. You will receive the following error message if you login three times using the incorrect User Name or Password:

"Too many failed login attempts. Please logout and contact your system administrator for assistance."

If you think you have an Active Directory Password, please follow these instructions to verify or change your password:

If your login was NOT successful, or you don't have an Active Directory password, follow these instructions to create one:

NOTE: Please contact the BCT Help Desk at helpdesk@fws.gov or 303-275-2433 if you have any problems logging in to the CMT System.

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